Our Story

Perfect your __________ (*rotating/flashing words – PARTY, GIFTS, SPACES, LAPTOP, HOME DÉCOR,
With PerfectedPrints!
Our goal, and entire reason for being here, is to help you *perfect* any occasion!
Create the perfect, printed finishing touch for your special event! Whether you’re giving gifts, hosting a
party, or honoring an important occasion in life, our personalized design solutions and high-quality print
processes will make you look like a design expert. No design skills needed – we give you a platform to
make your vision come to life!
Design and print perfect stickers, posters, and gift-wrapping paper that are uniquely you!
PerfectPrints understands the struggle of trying to find the perfect wrapping paper, the perfect sticker,
the perfect poster, the perfect décor….
We understand the frustration of going from website to website or store to store, searching for that
perfect thing to perfect your party…
And we figured, why not create a space where you can simply design your own! And then print it, on-
demand, and ship it directly! Our design tool allows you to select the perfect background pattern or
design and layer your own messages and images on top! We offer you a quick and easy solution to
provide a perfectly unique finishing touch for the life events we all have throughout the year!
Want to design special gift wrap for your baby’s first birthday? Your daughter’s Sweet 16? Your loved
one’s graduation or retirement party? You can!
Want to create custom stickers for your child’s school? Or team? Church? Or party? You can!

Want to create a poster for your sitting room? Or office? Surprise party? Or dorm room? You can!
With PerfectedPrints, it’s easy to design the perfect gift wrap, stickers, or posters for virtually any party
or occasion! From individual items to creating your own party theme, PerfectedPrints is here to make
you the design star of your own, unique creations!

Our Story….
This all started when I was sitting in a hotel room at a soccer tournament, and I was thinking about how
excited each of the girls were to be together on this team. I instantly wished that I put together a
personalized snack bag or made each teammate a poster for this event – something to affirm the pride
and excitement they all had to be together on this team. While my intentions were good, I knew that, in
reality, as a working mom juggling the demands of corporate America, I wouldn’t have had the time to
make something from scratch. What I needed was a place where I could easily access great designs,
quickly plug in my unique information and be confident that I would get the perfect product.
The more I thought about it, I realized this wasn’t something I just wanted for this soccer tournament, I
wanted to add that perfect finishing touch for all the special people and events in my life!

o Team events & activities
o School events
o Friend gatherings / parties
o Family gatherings
o Holidays
o Birthdays
o Weddings
o Anniversaries
o Showers
o Thank you
o Congratulations
o Church events
**do something fun and visually engaging with these events, not a bullet list**
The, I figured I cannot be alone in wanting this. I’m sure many other individuals, parents, and
grandparents would love to be able to do the same. So, I did my research. Took a GIANT leap of faith!
Left my demanding corporate job. And launched, PerfectedPrints!
I hope you love our concept and products as much as I do!